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A Roadmap To Riches with Shaun Ryan Price

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This roadmap to riches with Shaun Ryan Price consists of two critical elements.

Part one is a business system and part two is a program of self development.

I just want to point out at this stage that this roadmap to riches cannot guarantee any income level. Your income will be determined by your willingness to follow instructions and simple systems, your work ethic, and your skill levels and experience.

Our Roadmap To Riches formula involves giving away a free lead generation system that can be used to build any business online.

This lead generation system is compatible with most business models and will be of enormous interest and value to most network marketers, affiliate marketers and literally anyone looking to build their business opportunity online.

There are just four basic steps involved with this system:

  1. Expose
  2. Involve
  3. Upgrade
  4. Upsell.

Step 1

In step one it is your role to expose as many people as possible to the business model.

You might do this through advertising, word of mouth, social media etc..

The offer that we have found to work the best is to give away something very valuable for free.

Although we have several tools that you can give away, for this presentation we will focus on the Free Lead System.

You can give away unlimited free lead systems because the need for leads has been identified as the number one requirement for most people trying to build a home based business.

Step 2

In step two, Involve, we begin to educate your new prospects on how to make money using this business model.

The system does this automatically for you by sending out regular emails to your prospects.

These emails are designed to persuade your prospects to upgrade within the system which will start to earn commissions for you.

Step 3

In step 3, Upgrade, your prospects who signed up for the free lead system upgrade to becoming paying customers.

This will cost your prospect just $30 per month and you will receive a monthly commission of $20 for as long as they remain a customer.

For $30 per month your customer will have access to every tool they will ever need to be successful in building an online business.

These tools are essential to succeed online and every marketer and business owner absolutely must have them.

Therefore, once you have a customer they usually stick around for the long haul as they realise that they can’t do business online without them.

Step 4

In step 4, Upsell, your prospects are persuaded to purchase some of the higher ticket items that we offer.

These products pay you commissions of $100, $400, and $1,000.

To re-iterate, the system does all of the telling and selling for you through email and video tutorials.

You didn’t need to become a master salesperson with this system, all you had to do was give away a free lead generation system and now you are making $100 to $1400 commissions.

Plus when your customers start making sales of their own by duplicating the process, you will start to receive over-ride commissions on all of their sales.

These over-ride commissions can be anything from $25 to $275 a time.

Duplication and retention are the key ingredients to successfully build any business opportunity.

Having an easy to duplicate system that all of your team can plug into and get started on day one ensures the success of all involved.

As long as people can succeed quickly and easily they will stick around long enough to build themselves, and you, a great residual income.

I believe that this is the simplest business model you will ever find to make money online.

However, that said, your level of success will be commensurate with your work ethic and the level to which you are willing to improve your skills and expertise.

Most novices should be able to make money using our system as long as they can follow some very simple instructions.

However, those that make it big in business are invariably very committed to their own personal and professional development.

The more skills you are willing to acquire and the more expertise you amass, then the more money you will earn.

The rest of this presentation will focus on helping you to acquire some essential foundational skills that will make you a top earner with any business opportunity.

The business system that we looked at in part one of this presentation can be considered to be part of the outer game of wealth creation.

In part two we now need to start looking at the inner game.

Inner Game

I personally believe that the inner game, that is what is going on between your ears, is far more important to success than the outer game.

The psychology of success is a massive topic and I only intend to cover the basics here, however, I recommend that the study of the psychology of success becomes a cornerstone of your personal development program.

For now we will look at 3 essential components of the inner game of success.

  1. Goals and your why.
  2. Accountability.
  3. Mindset.

Goals and Your Why

Without goals and a strong why you will never hit your targets.

Success is rarely about ability and far more often about incentives.

When you have a strong enough why, then you will invariably find a way how.

Effective goals are nothing more than putting your why, that is your biggest incentive, in writing.

What is your why?

Take a moment to consider why you want to make money online.

Is it to spend more time with family?

To escape the daily commute?

To enjoy the finer things in life?

To get out of debt?

Whatever it is for you it should be something that inspires you and will keep you motivated for the long-haul.

My friend Harry Che created some great software that I use to help me to set and reach my goals.

You can check it out at Goals On Track.

Harry also has a great blog where he talks about nothing else other finding success through goal setting.


Aligned with goal setting is accountability.

I find that people are more successful in achieving their goals if they have someone to hold them accountable.

If you were in a job where you had a manager constantly chasing you to meet your deadlines then you would invariably succeed in hitting your targets.

However, when you are running your own business and you are your own manager it is much easier to slack off.

Unless you are a hard task master most people just aren’t able to motivate themselves the way a bossy line manager could.

This is why most people are better suited to being employees rather than entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur you must find ways to hold yourself accountable for hitting your targets.

An accountability partner is a great idea.

Find someone who has similar aspirations to succeed in life and agree to hold each other accountable for your actions.

I like to offer my own services as an accountability partner to anyone that joins my team.

If you don’t have anyone that you feel comfortable talking to about such things then I recommend Beeminder.

Beeminder is an accountability program where you can set your goals and if you fail to meet them you pay a financial forfeit.


The third part of the inner game that I want to address here is mindset.

You must get your mindset right for success.

To be successful you must adopt a growth mindset.

You must be willing to grow and develop your skills.

You must be willing to overcome all challenges and obstacles.

And, most importantly, you must be able to take failures in your stride.

Don’t allow yourself to become discouraged when things aren’t working out for you.

Learn to re-evaluate situations and look for alternative solutions.

Never give up on your goals. Learn from your mistakes and come back wiser and stronger.

Best wishes





Shaun Ryan Price

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